Rumney U12’s v Llandaff North U12’s 09/03/2014

Tom Jameson U12 manager
‘The Marathon Sheepdog Trials of Cardiff CF3’

Well someone was in need of a practice. We’d all been starved of rugby it is true this winter but as the sun came out for seemingly the first time in ages it must have gone to their heads, our friends from Ball Rd. And so pleased to see us he was. The hosts had a surface, just, the last 5m at one end still had to be coned off for fear we’d lose a little ‘un in the Ball rd bog. The other 95m was surprisingly firm and our boys put up a spirited show as Robert, Ben Hembury and Louis all made breaks only to be hauled in just before the ‘bog’.

We conceded just once in return before making another break after Ben Yarwood had chipped over the Rumney threequarter line. David led the chase and although he was stopped Archie picked from the resulting ruck to feed Ben Yarwood to score! It should have been a fine equalising try but was disallowed! We collectively scratched heads on the touchline and although an odd decision the boys let the disappointment go to their’s.

To not show decent was commendable enough yet to become resigned to defeat without a fight is not so easy to watch. Work for the boys to learn they must swallow tough calls, and work too for us to bring this point home to them. Gabriel was excellent in defence and showed determination throughout and now with sun on his back David ran his socks off. Examples set to the other boys!

By the end we realised the ‘Old Sheepdog’ of CF3 had barked and whistled our hesitant and nervous ‘flock’ through a 45min first half and a 35min second. There had been injury breaks for sure but by the end the sun was well over the yardarm….the boys were shattered and considering the length of the match the score had a crumb of respectability in it after all.

Rumney U12’s 34 – 0 Llandaff North U12’s

Man of the match:- G. Bertelli
Manager’s Player of the day:- D.Burnell-Brown

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