IMG_9849.PNGStatement on Expected Behaviour and Courtesy

Llandaff North Rugby Sports & Social Club (LNRSSC) make it known that the club vigorously supports all the WRU Codes of Conduct. The club encourages those involved at any level to be passionate in their support and activity, but within the boundaries of courtesy.

As a consequence of these expectations LNRSSC prides itself on the way its coaches, players, volunteers and supporters conduct themselves both during training and at matches whether home or away.

The Directors of the club emphasise that any situation constituting a breach of the WRU Codes of Conduct may be reported to a LNRSCC Coach or other Club official, either verbally at the time of incident or subsequently in writing, by any other spectator, player, coach or visiting official.

Any reported occurrence of inappropriate language or behaviour by a person/s linked to LNRSSC, will be dealt by prompt action aligned to the severity of the incident by the Directors of the Club.

The Directors of LNRSSC