Willum Burgess of Liberton RFC passes away

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1936350_10153569285289702_5227511511002742373_nAs some of you may be aware, Willum Burgess of Liberton RFC very sadly passed away recently.

Willum’s son John has been so touched by your support and kind messages he has asked us to communicate the following to you all.

“I would like to thank you all for your kind words and accolades about my father (Willum Burgess)

As you know Dad was not only a big man but also a proud man who had his own views, but never had a bad word to say about anybody.

Dad might be in heaven but if someone was to say “does anyone want a drink?” you would hear him say “aye – whiskey for me!”

He went from calling Rugby a “soft boys’ game” to being one of the most passionate supporters you could meet.

From the day I first took him down to Wales to Ysguborwen many, many years ago, to his last trip in 2012, he loved the Welsh people and the Welsh trips – many of the trips from Liberton to Llandaff North he organised himself over the years.

Memories are priceless and I’m sure you will all have some fond, funny and hilarious moments over all the years and Dad’s memories of Llandaff North were priceless as is his memories of the other clubs he was associated with (Liberton Rugby Club, Portobello Rugby Club and West End Bowling Club).

Dad was known throughout the Rugby fraternity due to his unbending opinions about the Laws!

John Gunderson was really a good referee, but he was the one that got the worst opinions (pitch side from Dad), although the two of them got on really well off the pitch.

To me Dad had a different view of the Laws of Rugby – he was rather biased!

The best biased interpretation of the Laws that dad ever came up with was when Scotland were playing against England and he was bemoaning the fact that we were always being penalised in the scrum. I replied to him with “how can you say that when it was the opposite side of the scrum that the TV was showing?” His reply was “my TV was showing the other side of the scrum!”

Dad was a trustworthy Patron of Liberton who, to everybody that knew him, was stubborn but friendly (outwith Rugby matches of course!).

Willum will miss everyone that knew him and everyone that knew him will miss him also.

Now he is at peace with my Mother. God rest them.

Thank you to everyone once again.

John Burgess.”

RIP Willum Burgess, from Landaff North Rugby Club X

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    Fond memories of Wullum especially on our trips to Liberton, love to all the family.
    The Glums(Pals) R I P

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