St. Peter’s U12 Tournament 16/03/14

Tom Jameson U12 manager

‘The Nomadic North and the Bedouin Tent of Penallta

All too brief, a good intention turned frustrating for the hosts and fairly futile for the modest strengths of Llandaff in hoops of Blue, and for us at ‘the North’ in Black and Amber. Plenty to work on in Llandaff, both North and South of the river. The format was ill-conceived and made worse by New Panteg who were apathetic enough to not turn up. It left us in the pool of 3 with 2 games only to fight our way out of it and make the semi final.

Penarth are one of the better teams we’ve played this year and thankfully over a short format we put up a much more decent showing than back in November. It is not often we single players out by name from the opposition, Theo for CRICC is one, but in their No. 5 Penarth posess a gem. Not many boys in U12 rugby will go on to be successful as seniors, but their ‘Lloydie’ just might. We had our chances but in tournament play you simply have to take them when they come.

It left us having to beat Penallta who to their credit waited 2 and a half hrs for their first game and emerged from their massive Bedouin Tent of a gazebo to play our boys. Such a tight game swung on 1 cruel moment. From a penalty deep in their own half the Penallta kick seemed wasted and heading for the deadball area, when suddenly the egg turned sharp left on a cruel bounce and into touch to give a 5m line out. From this they scored the only try of the game.

We were dumped after just 30mins rugby. There was nothing to do but return to Hailey Park. I suddenly realised we are such a nomadic bunch the Llandaff North U12’s. Me and the ‘Son and Heir’ practiced our grubber kicks and high ball catching at a deserted home ground until the light was no more. Please!, Please! a home game is all we ask for!!

Penarth U12’s 10 – 0 Llandaff North U12’s
Penallta U12’s 5 – 0 Llandaff North U12’s

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