Rumney U12 v Llandaff North U21 15/07/2013

By Tom Jameson
U12 manager

“CF3…The Final Frontier”

Well, after our opening day disappointment we assembled a squad of 18 to ‘boldly go where no one from this Llandaff North team had gone before’. Victory at the hands of one of this age groups strongest teams in the district was the seemingly inter-galactic task.

The wind and the rain were indeed conditions we should be expecting now when we visit Ball Rd and needless to say it did for the spectacle. We tackled bravely around the fringes and made breaks of our own but both sides coughed up possession many times in trying to handle the proverbial bar of soap in the teeth of a gale. We stoutly held out until just before the break and only took a 5point reverse into half time.

Archie Baxter, Ben Hembury and David Burnell-Brown all made good breaks that nearly took us to their line but each time the home side ‘Klung on’ in true Klingon fashion. Unlike the Barry opener this was a brave defeat with some outstanding defensive work. The ‘Romulans of Rumney’ triumphed however, as ever they do. Our offensive line simply needed some front foot technology. One of our stand out players today was Robert ‘Scottie’ Dickinson who in topical Trekkie mode gave as much ‘thrust’ as he could.

It simply wasn’t enough however and after Rumney ran in 2 late tries preluded by a forward pass and an unpunished high tackle on our Ben hembury that turned over possession, we just looked to the grey CF3 skies and cried ‘Beam us up!’ ‘Just take us home!’

Result: Rumney U12’s 29-0 Llandaff North U12’s

Man of the match: D.Booth

Manager’s Player of the Day: H.Lewis

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