Llandaff North v Llandaff 28.12.2019

By Alan John
28th. December 2019
Llandaff North =v= Llandaff
Score 12 – 5

After two matches ” on the road ” in cold and blustery conditions, it was a pleasure to return to
” The Field of Dreams ” and the balmy weather without rain and little wind.

ALSO it was for a “CRUNCH / LOCAL DERBY ” game against our near neighbours.
Despite the fact that a few players were missing, their replacements fitted in as though they
had been there all season.

The match started at a frenetic pace with the ball moving ” from end-to-end ” . From a ” Throw-in ”
Llandaff attacked with the ball moving swiftly along their Back Line , and , whilst your unbiased ??
scribe thought there was a ” forward – pass ” , their winger dived over the line far out. 0 – 5

Whilst Llandaff were, quite naturally, happy with the start, they were unable to cope with the response
From our heroes who came back at them with ALL GUNS BLAZING !!!

Our forwards pummelled their line for about five minutes with several players almost ” crossing the
whitewash ” . We won three consecutive penalties and,each time, opted for a scrummage, as we were
quite literally ” pushing them all over the park ” . Just as the supporters were anticipating another
penalty, and, possibly, a “Penalty Try ” , the ball was passed to the Backs and MARSHIE ” ghosted ”
through their defence to score under the posts. JORDAN then added the conversion. 7 – 5

Our Pack were far superior but, at one point, they seemed to relax and, whilst they had won the ball
in a scrum they appeared to hold it momentarily and offered a “slow ball” with the result that the
Llandaff scrum-half ” pinched ” the ball.and began a strong attack. Fortunately, our Pack recovered
quickly from their mistake and hurried back to assist out Backs in defence and, eventually repelling
Llandaff’s players.

We then experienced 10 minutes of Llandaff pressure ( Their Backs were good !! ) but, as with previous
games, our Defence remained firm and resolute, !!! We won the ball and charged upfield with another
foray into Llandaff territory.. At a 15 metre scrum we again showed our superiority by DRIVING THEM
back over their line with JACK (C) getting the touchdown/ Half-Time 12 – 5

The Second half “started with a bang ” as we spent 10 minutes hammering away at their line but to no
avail as their defence held out and they cleared the ball to the Half-way line.

With 30 minutes to go the GAME CHANGED !!!!!! as we acceded to a request for UNCONTESTED
SCRUMS !!!! ( Your loyal scribe’s memory may be failing but, did this not happen last year ??? )

I have nothing further to report as the ball went from 22 to 22 === 10 minutes we were under
pressure ====10 minutes they were under pressure. ( Any offence resulted in a static scrum with
the side “putting in ” going on the attack. ) SNORE Snooorrreeezzzzzzzz

As previously stated The PACK were BEST ( I have already said they were superior and in previous
reports they were immense ) in the SCRUM and LOOSE but we must sort out the LINE-OUT.
ELLIOT is brilliant at catching and dispersing the ball but we need an alternative Jumper as our
opponents quickly learn who is going to receive the ball and concentrate on “cutting him out”..

Our BACKS were excellent again both in attack and defence.



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