Llandaff North U7’s Match Report 30.03.14

By Megan Martin

Sunday 30th March offered perfect conditions for the Llandaff North Hornets to take on the old enemy, Llandaff, at home. Yet again our team of nine took on not one but two Llandaff teams in consecutive matches, and we are pleased to announce they finished the victors in both games!

Captain for the day Caleb Richards continued with the form he showed last weekend scoring three tries in the first game and crossing the line once in the second. And it wasn’t just his attacking game that impressed supporters, his defence was excellent too chasing down many Llandaff players who thought they saw a bit of space!

Daniel McCallum feeling fresh from a week off showed what he could do when allowed to stretch his legs scoring twice in the first game. Daniel also displayed a notable defensive performance and there was barely a Llandaff player that ran past him who emerged with both tags, helping the Hornets turn over plenty of ball. Ed Maguire was able to capitalise on his exciting running this week, due to his excellent supportive play he was able to receive a pass and cross the line once in the first game. Ed also received a huge round of applause with a try saving tag with seconds to spare in the second game. Not one to be outshone by the boys, Sophie Southgate, showed real skill and pace by running the entire width of the pitch to score in front of the cheering crowd.

The Hornets really stepped up their defensive game this week, with a great tagging effort all round. Special mention goes to Isaac Richards, who frustrated many Llandaff players by coming up fast and low and ripping tags off left, right and centre. Isaac also fancied getting his name on the score board, crossing the line once in the second game. Niall Moore returned to the field this week after completing the 5k run for Sports Relief last weekend (well done Niall and mam Carmella!). Niall had obviously missed the rugby last week as he took to the field determined to tag every opposition player! Tags literally flew as Niall ripped through the Llandaff offensive play. Was it the sweets before the match or the promise of some Liverpool socks from mam?? We may never know but it definitely worked! Not satisfied with his top tagging effort, Niall also decided he would cross the line once to score in the second game.

Darragh Healy showed some strong running and first-rate supportive play making a nuisance of himself to Llandaff throughout both games. The Britton brothers also had superb games. Fraser Britton was all over the pitch in both games, making considerable ground whenever he got his hands on the ball. He was also tremendous in defence, his fast pace saw him up in the oppositions face straight from every kick-off. Again our youngest player made his presence felt, especially in support. When his brother was tagged and looking for a black and amber shirt to pass too he surprised the entire Llandaff team (and most of the Hornets) by throwing a pass almost the entire width of the pitch. The crowd gasped as the ball flew high, but no need to worry Finlay ‘safe hands’ Britton was underneath it!

Overall a fantastic effort by all on the pitch and great fun to watch on the touch line. Player of the Day went to Niall Moore.

Final Scores
Match 1 = LN 7 – L 1
Match 2 = LN 3 – L 0

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