Llandaff North U13’s v Rhiwbina U13’s 23.11.2014

“A Bushy Tale”…(November 23rd)

Well, it had been a while. Nearly a calendar year in fact since we’d met. Our last meeting as U12’s had seen our Hailey Park overrun, the Rhiwbina points tally reaching epidemic proportions, enough for us to reach for our phones and call for the Pest Controller so infested we’d been with ‘pesky’ Squirrels! Not so now. In fact quite the reverse and although we’d lost one of our players to today’s opposition during the summer it has been Rhiwbina who have been so struggling for U13 numbers, this was just their 3rd match of the year. Had the apathy virus spread through the Squirrel camp I wondered, a feeling reinforced by us taking any early grip of the game with fine phase play and an eventual score by Robert from Inside Centre.

It was the reminder to them this would not be like last year yet although short of numbers the Rhiwbina squad has retained its better players. The boys defended well and it wasn’t until late in the half that they drew level with a score in the corner from the son of their coach; a fine player at Outside Half. The game turned however with a moment of madness as with the clock in the red and with us defending our line we chose not to clear to touch, a kick that would have ended the half. Instead an open field kick was returned and we were 5-12 down at the break. Heads dropped a little although the tackling remained brave. The game was won and lost at the breakdown as so oft is the case, Rhiwbina’s counter rucking making the contact area just a blur of squirrel fur. It meant we had no possession of worth and 2 further scores made it 5-22 at the finish. Our stout defence had prevented a repeat of last year and despite the defeat our hard work meant we’d made Rhiwbina’s annual winter nut gathering day at Hailey Park not such an easy day out. We’ve improved massively from our U12 days and instead perhaps it is the rugby starved Squirrels who’ll go hungry this winter!

Llandaff North U13’s 5 – 22 Rhiwbina U13’s

Tries; R. Dickinson

Tom Jameson
U13 Manager

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