Llandaff North U13’s 0 – 42 Penarth U13’s – 21-9-14


We had plans, and best laid they were. Plans not to get mugged so badly as our opener last year. We’d wait, wait a fortnight and start 3 weeks in, get us a juicy warm up fixture and build the confidence. All such plans scuppered, our phone calls unheard and our mails unreturned. Instead lying in wait were one of the hottest tickets in town; only the Blues Cup winners Penarth who were already boasting the scalps of Rumney and St.Peters.

Our new kit, a dashing predominance of Amber over Black was no distraction for the Seasiders who put 2 early tries down as a marker. There followed some resilience. A fine retrieve and 50 yard run by Louis Llewellyn but perhaps more evident still a tackling master class by Full Back Ben Hembury. It was valiant enough to stem the tide and indeed encourage others, skipper for the day Robert Dickinson for one. We cut their line rarely, Gabriel and Robert unable to polish the 10 / 12 move. Opportunities were brief, hands and their rugby minds rusty from the summer. It was our first game and it showed.

Commendably however heads didn’t drop and there was a defiant spirit that survived all the clumsiness, a spirit that wasn’t there the last time we met Penarth despite the scores ultimately being of near perfect symmetry. Our defensive line speed hurried the Blues Cup winners into sloppy backline passing and with 1 try conceded late on after a Penarth foot had grazed the whitewash it flattered our friendly guests just a touch.

Perhaps fitting of the day however was the fact that our man of the match winner Ben Hembury won his award without touching the ball once in offensive anger, his fine display simply a rearguard action. Our best laid plans were in tatters and despite Ben and very few others it was sadly a display of ‘Mice not Men’

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