Llandaff North U12’s V Barry U12’s September 1st 2013

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“Still on the Beach”
By Tom Jameson U12 Manager

harryClearly jetting in from Spain, Eastern Europe, Scotland and other European destinations at the very last minute with a notional hope that we might simply re-kindle the tournament winning performances of last May was a little mis-guided. Tanned and well holidayed we might have been, all rock star and bouyed by lifting the Rob Lewis trophy as U11’s.

Turning the tap back on just with a flick of the switch is not as simple as it sounds and a holiday camp or pre-season visit to Barry Island might have been more judicious. There, we might have bumped into a well drilled and organised first opponent at U12 level, training hard and fine tuning their otherwise ordinary skill set. They put us shame however and the boys have to come down to Earth quickly.

Barry were more aggressive, more organised and simply made few if any errors while the mighty ‘North’ spilt ball, threw a catalogue of poor passes and only laterly tackled to any acceptable standard. Only the halfback pairing went remotely close to covering themselves with any glory and from 1 to 19 we were a shadow of the side that lifted silverware back in May. Hopefully feet are now firmly back on the ground, as for their first U12 encounter they might as well have been ” Still on the Beach”.

Final Score
Llandaff North U12’s 0-34 Barry U12’s

Tries and conversions:- None

Man of the Match:- G.Bertelli

Manager’s palyer of the day:- R.Jameson

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