Llandaff North U12’s – Pentyrch U12’s 03/11/2013

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By Tom Jameson U12 manager

‘Never Felt More Like Singing The Blues’


Having sneaked the District Tournament Plate final, and only last May
stormed the ‘neighbours house’ to win the Llandaff end of season
tournament we’d kind of thought we were back on the tracks after a
difficult start to the season; kind of thought we were ‘naturals’ at
this sudden death knockout stuff. But the ‘Spear Throwers’ from the top
of the Garth (as we affectionately refer to them here in the U12’s)
that’s old Pentyrch to those outside the family, well, they kind of had
other ideas.

The game was on, and off all week as Noah was busy building his Ark but
with this being the last possible day to play we creatively passed an
8.30am pitch inspection and we were on. The car park filled, and over
the horizon they came, millions of Zulu Spear Throwers in their black
and white!

Having turned the traditional history with them upside down last year we
were quietly confident. We’d triumphed as U11’s up at their place and
gave them the fright of their lives; 1 ‘old boy’ of Pentyrch days gone
by remarking it was the best Llandaff North team he’d seen up there in
years! And only two weeks gone we’d fought a truncated and close 0-0
draw in the district tournament. Alas, half term breaks and family
commitments did for our angriest, and our biggest forwards; without
Archie and Morgan we were light on muscle. It didn’t show at first, not
in play, we won our set piece to start but the confidence and self
belief seemed to disappear with every bang of their Zulu drum, washed
away in the rain. Pentyrch outplayed us and after their coordinated pack
won the ball pacey backs ran in the tries. Tackling was at its worst for
many weeks, and positiononally we fell apart. Centres went missing and
as wings plugged the gaps like the dutch boy with his finger in the
dyke, they were then out flanked. Flood time at Hailey Park. For once
the backs were as much to blame as the under strength pack. Although Ben
Hembury battled hard and David Burnell-Brown was probably our best
player with his defensive cover it was hard to find a performance that
came anywhere near the mark. By the end our lightweight forwards were
going backwards and the need for returning members of the ‘Herd’ made
all the clearer as our finishing back row consisted of Rowan, Harri, and

Hats off to Pentyrch, they were merciless in seeking and executing their
revenge for last year, and jubilantly they went, progressing to round 2;
we wish them luck.

No Rorke’s Drift last stand by our boys in front of the Spear Throwers,
no Victoria Crosses here today at Hailey Park. Much work to do for the
‘Sunday Casuals’.

Result:- Llandaff North U12’s 0 – 47 Pentyrch U12’s

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