Llandaff North RFC U9 v Rumney RFC U9 15/09/13

By Dave Granville

Game 1
harryRumney won the toss and start with the wind at their backs. They catch Llandaff North off their guard and with some quick passes they are over the line and in for their first try. 1-0

This wakes the North boys up and from the restart they are back in to the game. With the wind in their faces the North are up against it but the ball goes from Max to Ieuan (Great Pass!), Ieuan to George (Nice Run!), George to Lewis C (Good sidestep!) and Lewis brakes through 2 tackles and is in at the corner for the North’s first try. 1-1

Rumney restart and within 3 passes and after a very close knock on decision they are in for their second try of the day. Referee!! 2-1

A good restart as the North gain some ground with some steady passing and running. Then at a breakdown the ref calls 2 North boys offside! Rumney ball. A quick start sees Rumney breaking through the Norths defences and running down the line. Will they be caught? Oh, that was close…but Rumneys 3rd try is in. 3-1

The rain has started now and the North are looking to regain some points. George restarts and passes to Lewis C who runs past 2 players, he passes to Ieuan, who puts in a good run and passes to Sam who goes for the line. 2 players tackle Sam and the ball is knocked on. Rumney ball. Rumney try to use the wings again but Nathaniel is there and a crunching tackle sends the rumney player and the ball into touch. North ball. George to Sam, Sam to George nice overlap! Knock on! Rumney ball. The wind and the rain are taking their toll now and both sides are slowing down. Rumney are pushing through the defences in the middle of the pitch, breakthrough and they are off and running. Great tackle form Lewis C, good pass from Rumney and off they go again. Another great tackle from Lewis and the ball is passed out quickly again and Runmey are through for their 4th try. 4-1

Half time.

The North restart and Eds words of wisdom have taken some effect! George pushes through the middle of the pitch and passes to Finn, great angled run gaining 10 metres and a nice tight pass to Sam who bulldozes his way in for the Norths 2nd try! 4-2

Rumney restart and try to use their wingers again. The North are all over it and Lewis C tackles them into touch. North Ball. Will gets the ball and dazzles with his sidesteps and running he’s almost over the line! Sam is there in support and once again drives his way through for a well-deserved 3rd try for the North. 4-3

Both sides are feeling the pressure and the game is on a knife edge. The game gets stuck in the middle of the pitch with Rumney trying to break through the Norths defensive wall. It is back and fore, back and fore. A lucky break for Rumney as a knock on decision goes their way after an outstanding tackle by Will and they get a lucky try. 5-3

3 minutes to go! The North start and you just know they are going to score, the determination is incredible. Charlie to George, George to Tomas. Tomas spots an opening and he is through. Rumney are left standing as he bursts through for the 4th try for Llandaff North. 5-4

1 minute to go. Rumney restart but they buckle under the pressure form the North. A great tackle from Nathaniel (his 6th or 7th of the day!) and the ball is knocked on. North Ball! 30 seconds to go! They won’t let this game go! They are looking for an equaliser at the very least and they are on the attack George to Charlie, Charlie to Finn, Finn to Sam, Sam to Tomas. 20 metres form the try line and a crunching tackle stops the attack. FULL TIME!!

Game 2
Rumney starts and just like they first game they break through and are sprinting down the wing. Release Tienne! Tienne is like a missile and a great tackle saves the day and the ball is into touch. Norths ball. Good steady play by the North with lovely runs and great passes. On to 5th phase play but what’s that? Forward pass! Rumney ball. Rumney are struggling against a solid North defence and are getting nowhere fast. A great tackle from the Crowe and Rumney clearly knock on at the restart, but what’s that Ref? Play on! Rumney score a try! 1-0

Llandaff North restart and a great run from Charlie ends with an offside decision against the North. Rumney ball. From the scrum Rumney pass to their outstanding female player who runs ¾ of the pitch for a great try. 2-0

Half time.

The North restart but after a penalty for too many tacklers the ball goes to Rumney. Off down the wings they go, this must be try number 3! Not if Tienne has anything to do with it, a great sprint and tackle and the ball is back with the North. Justice is quickly served when Tienne gets the ball after the restart and shows his skills with a run straight out of the text book and he gets the Norths first try of the second game. 2-1

Llandaff North have a little nap and Rumney score a quick try. 3-1

Llandaff start and they are putting the pressure on. Lewis H passes to Luke who takes a big tackle but keeps hold of the ball, he’ll feel that one in the morning! Cameron gets the ball and makes good ground and lovely pass to Tomas sends him in for his second try of the day. 3-2

1 minute to go and neither side are going to back down. Text book running is met with top notch tackling. Neither side is letting this match go! The North get the ball and just as they get into Rumney territory the whistle blows, full time!

A great all round team effort that should make all parents and boys proud AND with signs of a great defensive and attacking side in the making, the future looks bright for the boys of the North.

Game 1
1st half​​4-1 Rumney
2nd half​​1-3 Llandaff North
Full time​5-4 Rumney
Game 2
1st half​​2-0 Rumney
2nd half​​1-2 Llandaff North
Full time​3-2 Rumney
Tries – Tienne 1, Lewis C 1, Sam 2 and Tomas 2

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