Penarth U12’s v Llandaff North U12’s 24/11/13

Tom Jameson U12 manager


In a week when were regularly reminded it was now 50yrs since JFK and a mere 10 since Jonny kicked for World Cup glory, in a difficult season so far for us in the U12’s I pondered what were we doing this time last year. I checked. As rampaging U11’s we were this time last year 5 games into a 7 game unbeaten run, ripping up the district and breaking scoreboards around the Vale. Alas, a week is a long time in politics they say and a year, a relative age in the scale of things in Minis and Juniors rugby. We may have been fresh from a comfortable win over the neighbours but up we popped at Penarth boasting just 3 wins in 12, and despite winning the district tournament plate there is no hiding what a tough season it is.

We’ve been short of beef all term since the pack went to its full 8 and Penarth looked decidedly bulky in comparison. We’d spied on them back in September, CRICC took ’em to the cleaners, if only we’d played them then I thought. Themselves district tournament semi finalists they’ve moved on a pace. Their backs now are a fine accompaniment to the 8. Our boys held parity for a while occasionally breaking out through runs from Ben Hembury but our attacks were unsupported; their’s in contrast were measured and coordinated. It took most of the first half for us to be broken down and after the half ended with a nasty injury to our prop Dominik Lazarevic-Sais, we’d only conceded 15 points. There was no sign then of the avalanche to come. With the slope Penarth were merciless in the second period and scored 2 or 3 fine tries amongst their embarrassing total of 8. Some were good enough that we’d have had trouble stopping them on a good day. This was not a good day however.

Only Harri Lewis’ stout left wing tackles prevented more and in truth we had little to shout for. We were slow and ponderous in coming forward and by the end very ‘Swiss Cheese’ in defense. It was a poor day. Penarth will go far, fair and kind hosts, but we need to improve quickly before last years U11 heroics are just a thing of myth and legend. We could do without anniversaries like these!

Result:- Penarth U12’s 48 – 0 Llandaff North U12’s

Man of the Match:- B. Hembury
Manager’s player of the day:- H. Lewis

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