‘Zulu Dawn’ 01/02/2015

And over the ridge they came! In black and white, with their spears!…A little peeved I think they were that our matrix date of late December had been a casualty of the weather. Secretly I’d been relieved since it kept secure our nice little run that had us showing more wins than defeats, and well, it didn’t spoil my Christmas. But they were back!…banging their spears on their shields coming down from the Garth to spoil our Sunday morning.

I’d last spied them getting beaten over at St. Peters and since Cowbridge and Penarth now seem to rule the U13 world so dominantly in our area, well drilled and efficient forces such as the Saints, and the Zulu Warriors themselves hunt weaker prey to flex their muscle against. And here we were, cornered at our Hailey Park home for the first time since November. A bright start, hell, we even had ’em rattled! Ben Hembury put the fear of God in them and the forwards sent them back to their line. Chris nearly crashed in for a score and Samuel and Joey dug for the line but were inches short. 15 mins of fury from our Black and Amber brigade sent them packing, but we hadn’t turned the scoreboard.

They’d be back…and so it was. Bigger and faster having soaked up our blood and thunder they scored twice and we gifted them a third in a comical piece of defending that saw us try and run from our own goal area. It was foolish…they rushed in. I doffed my cap since the Zulu came and conquered, and taught us a lesson or two, carefully analysing our frailties before driving their spears home for the kill. Its a ruthless edge we are yet to gain.

Our U12 vintage might have folded but we are braver now and that at least was a comfort. Down the road only a fortnight gone the same black and white warriors took our neighbours Llandaff to the cleaners to a similar tune, 31-0 and so at least there, something to cling to; but how the tribe from the top of the Garth must love coming to the big city!

Llandaff North U13’s 0 – 34 Pentyrch U13’s

Tom Jameson

U13 manager

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