U12 Annual District Tournament 20/10/13

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By Tom Jameson


The travelling Cardiff and Vale ‘Circus’ this year washed up on the shores of Llantwit Major. All the ‘Usual Suspects’ present; all the colours of the rainbow. But we at Llandaff North were looking inwards only at ourselves, after a tough baptism of blood and mud in the U12 pond we arrived still winless in 5 despite some ‘sleeves rolled up’ kind of days against Rumney and particularly Blackwood. We arrived it has to be said with low aspirations. ‘Just let the great and the good get on with their day’ I said, ‘we just need to think about ourselves.’

After last weeks ‘bunfight’ with St.Peter’s we’d reached a new low in attitude but after accusations, trials and an internal dressing down it was a ‘Behind Closed Doors’ week of hard graft. Repentant boys promised to learn and change their ways. Instant evidence of a focussed team as we drew 0-0 with Pentyrch; ‘Bring on the Blues Cup’ I cried. Although undone by the impressive Barry we found ourselves in a Plate semi against our old rivals from over the river. Still eating away at their memories the ‘Hooped Blues’ from the South side of the river smelled revenge for us stealing away their May Day tournament at the end of last season. Ewan Clader scored only to be pegged back. Tempers flared in a fixture that already has ‘history’ even at this tender age, yet we’d learned our lesson. This time Llandaff were the ones to lose their cool as Dylan and the ‘Herd’ kept a lid on their tempers. Robert then ran 40m to score the winner before Sam ended the contest with a casual kick to touch with the clock in the red, just as he’d done under their Cathedral in May. How they must be sick of the sight of us!

After our first draw, now our first win of the season and suddenly we found ourselves in a final, only the hosts Llantwit, standing in our way of our second piece of silverware in 6 months. Cool, measured, now the irresistable force, yet almost derailed by a flying try by the Llantwit Centre! Out of the blue, and we didn’t even know they had a Centre with that pace! But no alarms. After three close calls we finally equalised through the quick thinking of Sam Thomas. All square with minutes to go; Llantwit, brave and gracious hosts on the day as ever they are, but their boys had nothing left. The icing was another match winning try by wing Robert Dickinson, a ‘Braveheart’ effort by our little piece of Scotland, and the boys had won again!

Back in May it had been unbridled joy, now simply blessed relief, but ultimately a fantastic effort by all the boys to turn in such a fine day after the slowest of starts as U12’s….the ‘Sunday Casuals’ are back!

Pentyrch 0-0 Llandaff North
Barry 15-0 Llandaff North

Plate Semi/Final
Llandaff 5-10 Llandaff North

Plate Final
Llantwit Major 5-10 Llandaff North

Tries:- R.Dickinson (2), E.Calder, S.Thomas
Player of the tournament:- R.Dickinson

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