The aim of the Lotto is to predict 4 numbers that will be drawn out of a weekly draw to take place every Sunday night at 22:30 at Llandaff North Rugby Sports and Social Club.

The correct guess can win up to 50% of the total proceeds of the lotto. All other proceeds above expenses will be donated to Landaff North RSSC.

If there is no winner in any one week the proceeds of the lotto will be added to following week’s prize.

To enter, complete your name, address and clearly mark your 4 numbers before placing and sealing the £1.00 in the special super lotto envelope (see sample below). Envelopes are available at the clubhouse and must be deposited into the lotto box. All monies and entry tickets must be in by 22:00 on the Sunday night prior to the draw.

Entry is open to Club members and bonafide guests.

Result History

Date of DrawNo. 1No. 2No. 3No. 4Winners
23.09.20183171819No Winners
Prize Fund
16.09.201813811No Winners
Prize Fund
02.09.201815162324No Winners
Prize Fund
26.08.201815718No Winners
19.08.201835720No Winners
12.08.2018131119No Winners
05.08.20184101114No Winners
29.07.2018231721No Winners
22.07.20188142024No Winners
15.07.20183182124No Winners
08.07.2018251922No Winners
01.07.2018261121No winners
24.06.20183141723No Winners
17.06.201816182122No Winners
10.06.20187101621No Winners
03.05.2018131415No Winners
27.05.2018241015No Winners
20.05.20184131524No Winners
13.05.201813151823No Winners
06.05.20187111722No Winners
29.04.20189172023No Winners
22.04.201845713No Winner
15.04.2018371822No Winner
08.04.2018231023No winners
01.04.201825712No winners
18.03.20185102021No winners
11.03.2018991723No winners
04.03.20187171920No winners
25.02.20185122124No winners
11.02.20181132022No winners
04.02.20188111719No winners
14.01.201810151623No winners
07.01.20182141824No winners
31.12.2017262324No winners
24.12.2017671421No winners
17.12.2017671521No winners
12.11.20171121320No winners
05.11.201711151623No winners
29.10.2017351624No winners
22.10.2017172023No winners
15.10.20178151921No winners
08.10.20172131517No winners
01.10.2017781122No winners
24.09.201717917No winners
17.09.2017181720No winners
03.09.20175111723Jackpot Won £3782
27.08.201712161719No winners
20.08.20177102223No winners
13.08.201711121621No winners
06.08.20173171921No winners
30.07.20176112124No winners
23.07.2017151214No winners
16.07.201711121621No winners
09.07.2017592223No winners
02.07.20175101115No winners
25.06.2017131314No winners
11.06.20173111521No winners
04.06.20172101121No winners
07.05.20177111222No winners
07.08.201610141923No winners
23.04.2017341824No winners
18.06.2017171517No winners
16.04.2017341519No winners
26.03.201713819No winners
19.03.20173131723No winners
12.03.2017571418No winners
26.06.201617811No winners
05.03.201728917No winners
14.08.20163142324No winners
31.07.2016141523JACKPOT WON! (£922)
03.07.2016271219No winners
19.06.20163111316No winners
12.06.201613141821No winners
05.06.201608131519No winners
22.05.201619211611No winners
08.05.201610151719No Winners
01.05.20169221411No Winners
24.04.2016151517No Winners
15.05.2016361523No Winners
17.04.20167122324No Winners