St.Albans 2nds -v- Llandaff North 2nds. (Match Report)

Score 17 pts to 80 pts.

Scorers :- Dean (3) / Stoker (2) / BoBo / Tibbles / Westie / Rhys / Rooney / Skitty / Richard Conv. Grant (10)

WHAT A WIN !!!! WELL DONE to the WHOLE SQUAD!!!!!!!! You were ALL “Man of Match ” !!!!

The overall play was “Top Drawer ” with the Pack constantly winning good ball and the Backs “Punching” thro’ the middle.
Their defence was in “shreds” and had no answer to your attacks.!! The only criticism is that you eased up at
the 60 min mark and allowed them to score a couple of tries,– The games not over until the “rotund lady sings.” !!!
Highlights :- Apart from the overall play special mention must go to Robbie for his ” break” leading to the first try and Jamie who took over from Robbie at half-time and had some excellent “breaks” and “kick & chase”

ALSO the half time talk by “Westie” who told the players to “Shut Up ” and not argue with the Referee. !!!

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