Simon Britton Injury at Penygraig

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Via Facebook

Simon Britton suffered a serious neck injury (broken neck) following a collapsed scrum  near the end of Saturday’s (04/05/2013) game at Penygraig.

Some great news coming from the guys over on the club’s facebook group. Gavin James wrote;

“He’s doing well and more importantly he’s up and about. He’s still got that silly accent but apparently they can’t do anything about it. Should know more on Tuesday, I’ll keep you all posted!”

This followed a post directly from Simon who wrote;

“Lads, massive thanks for the messages. Stuck on the crazy ward.should be up and about tomorrow but won’t know much more till Tuesday.Things are looking good but safe to say that today was my final game. Many thanks to gilly, Keith and Jeff Cruise as well as Daniel Thomas for everything today. Catch you next week for a swish when you batter llantwit”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for his commitment to the club and wish him a quick recovery.

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