Porth Harlequins U13’s v Llandaff North U13’s 30.11.14

A ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ with the Dukes of Hazzard…

As a self confessed ‘townie’ and as involved as I am in the very suburban rugby club of Llandaff North, trips up country can be unnerving and uneasy days out. Not so days to Porth however. It is now our fourth trip to their hilltop outpost since we started contact rugby as U9’s and each and every trip has been blessed with Godly weather. And Porth themselves remain a happy bunch and always welcoming hosts. Some trips further up country for us town folk can feel like a tense affair, yet trips to see our friends at Porth just feel like a nice day out with the ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ of Hazzard county.

This year we were there before the hosts, but not ready for the battle. Slow out the blocks we conceded early, needless penalties to an attentive referee but it only showed our naivety. The Big Porth forwards were perhaps one dimensional but went over twice and their outstanding conversions had them 14-0 up. It could have all gone wrong from there for sure but we kept our structure and managed to out fox The Porth Boys. From a set scrum, increasingly a strength for our boys, we went wide and Ben Hembury scored from Full Back. His pace was too much for the the Porth boys and when Ewan went over from short range only our failed conversions stopped it being all square at the break.

The Dukes of Hazzard were rattled now and Joe Lubienski, unusually starting from the bench today, seized on the Porth Halfbacks who together botched a line out pass. Joe swooped to score and we were 1pt to the good but their No.8 commendably brought them ahead again; unstoppable from 5yds out. Time was running out and I feared the ref would cut short our time as injuries mounted. He refused to stop the clock and another piece of brilliance from the backs won us the game. Again from a set piece scrum Gabe’s inside pass had Ben Hembury cutting such an angle at such a speed that no hand could grab him. Ben scored under the sticks, his 5th of the season and so took us to a 3pt win, a valiant comeback victory against the lovable Dukes of Hazzard County!

Porth Harlequins U13’s 19-22 Llandaff North U13’s

Tries: B.Hembury (2), E.Calder, J.Lubienski

Conversions: M.Strinati

Tom Jameson

U13 manager

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