Llandaff North U9 v Dinas Powys U9 17/11/2013

By Dave Granville.

Ding Ding – Round 2

After a very entertaining but unreported match against Dinas Powys away last week the boys from the north were delighted to hear that they have a rematch with home advantage this week. A beautiful mild winter’s morning, along with a supply of bacon rolls and tea, helped lift the mood of the parents and everybody was anticipating close and well played rugby here today. It is expected that there will be 2 matches, each with two 10 minute periods.

Game 1 first half

Llandaff North won the toss and immediately showed the outstanding attacking rugby skills that they have all worked so hard to get. Nathaniel to Max who draws in two Dinas Powys players and passes out to Charlie who takes a tackle and passes the ball to Tienne. Llandaff North are making great progress with ALL of the boys running FORWARD when they get the ball. Great rugby. Tienne passes to Cameron and it goes out to George who bursts through the Dinas Powys lines and gains a good 10 metres before giving it to Ieuan who passes it back inside to Max. Max passes it as he is tackled to Tomos who makes a perfectly timed to pass to Charlie. They are about 5 metres from the line now and Dinas Powys are defending for all they are worth. A crunching tackle from Dinas Powys puts Charlie on the floor and the ball is knocked on. A great attack from Llandaff North that deserved a try. Plenty of time left. Dinas Powys get the ball about 10 metres from their line and after 2 passes they have broken through the Llandaff North defence, who appear to have forgotten how to tackle! Tienne and George give chase but with just 3 minutes gone Dinas Powys are ahead 0-1.

Llandaff North restart and Ieuan passes to Charlie who side steps 2 Dinas Powys players and makes 10 meters and passes the ball to George. A lovely run from ‘snakehips’ sets up a brilliant finish from Tienne for Llandaff North to score in the corner. 1-1

The Llandaff North team are delighted but get caught unawares as Dinas Powys restart and one player runs form the halfway line without anyone looking as if they are going to tackle him and he is over for Dinas Powys s second score. 1-2

Llandaff North are not going to take this. They have a reputation to protect and there is only one way to do it. Play great rugby. They start with the ball going to George, nice run, on to Tienne, great pass to Tomos who runs 10 metres and is over for a great try. 2-2.

Dinas Powys restart and it is getting to be a bit like Groundhog Day. One player from the restart is over for an uncontested try. Where is the tackling? 2-3.

Llandaff North restart and after 3 passes it is knocked on. Dinas Powys are turning up the heat and Llandaff North are beginning to look a little shaky. Dinas Powys get the ball and despite a great tackle from Max (the first of the day from a Llandaff North player!) they are over for their 4th try. 2-4.

How will Llandaff North react. Will they crumble or will they fight back?

In answer to the question they kick-off and the ball goes to Max and onto Nathanial. He passes to Tomos who runs forward and gets the ball to Charlie. Ieuan is in support and is on his shoulder when he is tackled, he passes it to Tienne who makes off for the corner. A great unselfish pass to Max ends a lovely move with a well deserved try. 3-4,

the fight back is on…

Dinas Powys start and it is clear that Llandaff North have switched on and the defensive play is kicking in. Dinas Powys are piling up the pressure but Llandaff North absorb it with some great tackles forcing a knock on.

Llandaff North ball. George makes a jinking run up the middle passing 5 Dinas Powys players and passing out to Tienne who is perfectly placed to support him. He goes on to make a great run but a monster tackle forces a knock on.
Dinas Powys come straight back at them but the north boys are putting some great tackles in, mentions for George, Tienne and Nathanial here. There are just seconds to go when Dinas Powys battle their way over the line for a well worked try. And the whistle has blown for halftime 3-5. What a half!

Game 1 Second half

Dinas Powys start the half and are caught napping as a crunching tackle forces a knock on. Llandaff North have the ball on the halfway line and take the advantage with Tienne running forwards 10 metres and passing it to Sam the Steamroller. The Dinas Powys tackles are bouncing off him as he makes his way to the line. It is a close call as he gets the ball down over the try line as he is tackled. Everyone looks to the ref who calls for touch and turn-over ball. Dinas Powys get the ball back but waste it and within 5 passes the ball has gone forward.

Llandaff North get the ball 20 metres from the line and the ball is in the hands of Lewis who dances his way through the defence for a great try. 4-5.

Dinas Powys are back in the game as they wake up and show some good attacking rugby. Llandaff North battle back and all the boys are putting some great tackles in, mention here for Lewis who got a hat-trick of good tackles in and Nathnial and Finn who are doing some good work out there today. Again a missed tackle allows one of the Dinas Powys players to break through and score a try.4-6.

Llandaff North are fighting back, but legs and hands are getting tired out there. Ieuan passes to Sam who passes it out to Will. Big tackle and dropped ball. Dinas Powys ball but they have a forward pass almost immediately. Llandaff North have the ball on the half way line. Unfortunately Llandaff North knock on and the ball is back to Dinas Powys. Dinas Powys want to seal a victory with a try and look close to doing it now. Great defensive play from Llandaff North with Lewis and Will making some great tackles keeps the wolf from the door and forces a knock on.

Llandaff North have the ball and with less than five minutes left they know what they need to do. They drop down a gear, get the revs up and switch on the style. (Whatever that all means!?) Lewis passes to Rhys who flies up the wing and gets the ball to Finn. Lewis is on the loop and gains some ground and passes it on to Sam. Sam busts through the middle and gains 10 metres. The ball comes back to Lewis then Finn. With 20 metres to go Finn gives a lovely pass to Tienne who picks a perfect angle and out sprints the whole Dinas Powys team for an outstanding try. 5-6.

Dinas Powys restart but Llandaff North forces a knock on with some text book tackles. Llandaff North buckle under the pressure and they also knock on. The match is stuck in the middle of the pitch with 2 equally matched teams going back and fore. Dinas Powys come at Llandaff North but some great tackles again force a turn over. Llandaff North have the ball and they seize an opportunity with both hands. Tienne sprints through the defence and makes a wonderful pass out to Sam who cruises over the line for his first try of the day. 6-6. What a match!

The last play of the game and Dinas Powys are desperate to get their lead back. They are through the Llandaff North defence but Rhys puts in the tackle of the day with a dive to grab both ankles of the Dinas Powys player and put him down on the ground. The keep the ball keep the pressure on. Another break and they are running for the corner, but a great tackle sends them into touch as the final whistle blows, ending the match on a well-deserved and hard fought 6-6 draw.

Game 2 first half

Llandaff North start but I don’t know if it nerves or tired hands and there is a knock on.
Dinas Powys get the ball back but again there are handling errors and a knock on.
Llandaff North have the ball in their own half and George gets the ball. He puts his head down and jinks his way through the line and makes a run for the try line. He has three chasers but makes it across the line for the opening try. 1-0.

Dinas Powys restart and find the Llandaff North defence asleep and they think Christmas has come early as Llandaff North gift wrap and deliver a gift of a try. 1-1. Let’s make sure of those tackles!

Llandaff North are great in attack and George passes to Charlie who links in with Sam. They are all running forward and making great ground with each run. Sam breaks through and sets up Will for a nicely worked try. 2-1.

Dinas Powys are flagging a little and some crunching Llandaff North tackles as they defend their line bring a turn over ball just as Dinas Powys threaten to score another try. Great defending on the try line has paid off. This is more like it!

Lewis passes to George who pops it out to Nathanial for the old switcheroo. George gets the ball back and he puts the pedal to the floor and runs the length of the pitch for a great try. 3-1.

You can’t say the boys of Llandaff North aren’t generous, they gift Dinas Powys another try, or are they just not tackling? Mmmm, anyway 3-2.

Llandaff North restart and Charlie is running his legs of today and sets up Lewis who dodges and weaves his way for an outstanding try. 4-2.

Dinas Powys won’t let this match go and despite some great defensive play they use their backs to good effect and score a lovely try. 4-3. This could go either way!
Llandaff North make some errors and the ball is turned over, only for Sam to win it back with a beast of a tackle.

Llandaff North use the last play of the half to run the clock down a bit and take control of the match. They show their mettle and get into the 6th phase of the play. To finish it off George passes to Sam who brings it back inside to Charlie who picks the ball up on the run and slices his way through. Dinas Powys have a great fullback but Nathaniel is on Charlie’s shoulder in support. Nathanial makes it to the line but is held up. Again good supportive play from Sam makes sure that the momentum isn’t lost and Sam is over for the last score of the half. 5-3.

Game 2 second half

A good talking to from the coaches makes sure that Llandaff North don’t switch off in the break and they come out fighting. Dinas Powys have the ball to start but there is no way they are going to get anywhere with defensive play like this and the inevitable knock on comes. Llandaff North have the ball and the metaphoric high ground in this match. A quick start from Lewis gets the ball to Ieuan who makes good ground and is followed by Will who takes the ball and powers into the corner for a great try. 6-3.

Dinas Powys aren’t out of this yet and they pour on the pressure. Fortunately Llandaff North can match it with equally good defending. Once again Rhys wraps himself around the ankles of the Dinas Powys attackers and gives everyone a master class in tackling techniques and saves the day as the ball is knocked on. WOW!

Llandaff North are deep in their own half as Lewis passes to Tienne. Tienne must be in possession of some sort of rugby boot/healies hybrid footware as he simply flies up the pitch to score an amazing try. 7-3.

Dinas Powys answer with a good try as the result of some good passing. 7-4.
Have Llandaff North peaked? They have certainly given their all.

A great run from Ieuan opens up the way for Tom. Great runs but a big tackle and he is knocked in to touch. Dinas Powys have brought on 5 subs and the fresh legs tell. They run in for another try. 7-5.

Llandaff North get the ball and we are treated to another outstanding try as Lewis tears the Dinas Powys defence apart with a great run and try. 8-5.

Dinas Powys know that a couple of tries in the last 5 minutes could save this match. Llandaff North set in with a great defensive line with great tackles from Finn, George and Will, but the pressure pays of for Dinas Powys and they get another try. 8-6.

Llandaff North start and a lovely move as Josh passes to Will and then loops around to get the ball back and split the defence open. Josh passes the ball to Tienne who crosses the line for a brilliant tr…. What, he didn’t ground the ball?!?!?!? Don’t argue with the ref! No Try! Dinas Powys ball.

Dinas Powys start on their own try line but Llandaff North are NOT going to let them get anywhere. They deserved a try and by golly are they going to get one! More great tackles to Will and Rhys gets the ball back to Llandaff North after a knock on. Llandaff North have it with 1 minute to go. George passes to Tienne who picks a great angle for his run, steps inside, making the Dinas Powys player fall over his own feet, and breaks for the line. The pass of the day (timed beautifully and totally unselfish) to Lewis who is over for a great try. 9-6.

Dinas Powys go for some consolation points but they are denied by great tackles from Finn who puts the boy in to touch as the final whistle goes. Victory for Llandaff North 9-6. A well-deserved win for the boys from the North.

For his dedication in defence, outstanding tackles and blistering runs up the wing the man of the match for today is Rhys.

Well done EVERYONE. It was a great team victory with not one boy letting the team down. You all pulled your weight and contributed to this great win.

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