Llandaff North 2nds v St. Albans 2nds 21/09/2013

By Alan John


50 years ago I played for the 3rds. (Yes, we did have 3 teams) and each week we had to play with newcomers. The Reason? It was usually down to the fact that the 1st team was playing away and the weather was poor. Today we had the same problem!! Too many of the ‘stars were unavailable and so the stalwarts  of the 2nds were called upon to deputies. (Will they be called up before the ‘stars’ next week?

This game was lost in the first 30 minutes due to poor tackling and the lads not being aware as to what their colleagues would do. BUT I WILL NOT criticise a single person as the whole team played their hearts out, none more that my Man of the Match — DUBBS who made countless charges into the opposition with 3 or 4 players trying to hold on to him.

One would expect that  ” 13-a-side” ( no flankers ) and uncontested scrums would  lead to a boring game but this was not the case as this match was very entertaining with  end to end play as both sides strived hard to win and the referee kept the game flowing and ‘gave as good as he got’ with the good natured banter from the spectators.

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Tries Josh/Sean/Todger/BoBo/  Conv Chrissie

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