Dinas Powys U13’s v Llandaff North U13’s 01/03/2015

Saintly Patience on St.Davids Day

How do you lose a game you dominate? Come to Dinas Common for a view, ’bout this time every year the boys in black and amber duly pop across from ‘the North’ and manage to somehow escape from a winning position to get a defeat.

It is a Houdini style escape, a piece of ‘Dynamo’ deception. How it is done no one knows! For 3 years now as U11’s, U12’s and now as U13’s we’ve pulled the rabbit out of the hat. Josh nearly spoilt the trick with a fine display that earned him man of the match and 2 tries, whilst Chris dared to challenge tradition with a beautiful jinking run for his try. But they can be forgiven for Chris and Josh are both new to the team and new to Dinas Common.

As is always the case the home side’s Rhys Gentles put boot to ball to win the match by the traditional 2 point margin. In the face of this annual Dinas trick of illusion the boys handled themselves with great decorum and were a credit to the Llandaff North club. Happy days on Dinas Common!

Dinas Powys U13’s 17 -15 Llandaff North U13’s

Tries:- J.Hancock (2) C. Thompson

Man of the match:- J.Hancock

Tom Jameson

U13 manager

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