Club Captain Sleeps Rough to Raise Money for Homeless in Cardiff

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YMCALlandaff North RSSC have again shown their commitment to social causes and the wider community by helping to raise awareness of homelessness in Cardiff, by raising money for services for this vulnerable client group.

On the 14th of March Club Captain Dominic Scoble joined 34 others, including U8’s Manager Megan Martin, and braved the cold, sleeping rough to help raise money for Cardiff YMCA Housing Association. But what tempted them to spend their evening creating a shelter from cardboard boxes and attempting to sleep on such a cold night in Cardiff city centre?

IMG_1788Recognising the value of the services offered by Cardiff YMCA HA and the number of people helped every year by this organisation, Dominic and Megan volunteered to sleep rough and help raise money. Members and supporters of Llandaff North RSSC were incredibly encouraging and compassionate helping the couple raise over £300 in sponsorship, much to the appreciation of Cardiff YMCA HA. Donations are used to support a vast number of Cardiff’s most vulnerable people at a time when the number of people seeking homeless services has increased, every penny counts.

Cardiff YMCA HA are the largest provider of frontline accommodation in Cardiff, offering 125 people at any one time, safe and warm temporary accommodation. Whilst staying at the YMCA people are given the opportunity to keep warm, eat well and are provided with support to help them address any issues that may to help them get back on their feet. In April 2014, Cardiff YMCA HA are facing a huge cut in grant funding.

Last year almost 1000 people came through the YMCA’s doors for help. All were homeless, with nowhere to stay for that night or the foreseeable future…. and each with their own individual support needs. For the past 30 years, Cardiff YMCA HA have provided over 45,000 bed nights of supported accommodation every year and in 2014 have actually increased the number of bed spaces they offer.

If you would like any more information on Cardiff YMCA HA or would like to make a donation, please see Megan Martin.

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